Sovereign Grace Bible Church

               Dedicated to Christ Jesus as First and Foremost in all Things,
              the Inerrancy and Sufficiency of Scipture for all Living,
              and the Doctrines of Grace in all Teaching. 

Who are we? 

We are a non-denominational Bible church dedicated to the Gospel of Grace and Biblically authentic fellowship. We meet together as a family of families, loving and serving each other as Christ commanded.   

What do we believe? 

We hold that God is sovereign over all of creation, that Scripture is inerrant and sufficient in all of life, that Jesus is God in the flesh and that only through His atoning work on the cross can sinful man be reconciled to and have a relationship with God. 

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What are we about? 

We are a body of believers seeking to glorify God in all things and relying upon His grace as equipping and sufficient for all of life.

We preach a Gospel of love, forgiveness, redemption, and restoration for those who recognize they are lost sinners deserving of condemnation apart from the mercy and grace of God found by faith in the atonement of Christ Jesus. We welcome all who come to God on this basis and believe that He accepts all who humbly come to Him repenting of their sin into the marvelous light of Christ Jesus.

We hold that Christ Jesus must be first and foremost, preeminent, in all things and that only through complete dependence upon Him can we be fruitful and grow in grace.

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How do we fellowship?

We follow Biblical principles recognizing that God created the family as a unit under the headship of parents, called and equipped by Him and accountable to Him, for the spiritual upbringing of their children. Men meet with men to learn how to lead their family and women meet with women in order to learn how to love and grow their marital relationships and family. We care about the jurisdiction of the home in our fellowship and advocate Biblical practices in all matters pertaining to family doing only that which would foster growth in those responsibilities before God.

We engage in frequent fellowship activities rejoicing in the Lord together. As the Family of God, we gather to grow in love and recognition that as God's children we have a common bond and will spend eternity together. Today we live in Christ, with a view towards being forever with Him, assured that He keeps and protects us until He either returns for us or we go to where He is.

You are invited and welcome to join us as we journey through this life yearning for the joy of one day living forever in the presence of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


Sunday Service @ Thomas Elementary
3330 E. Lockett, Flagstaff AZ
(Lunch Fellowship 12:00-1:30pm)

Wednesday Bible Studies